About Us

Cann Pharmaceutical Australia (Cann Pharma) was the first Australian company to obtain a joint venture with a licensed medicinal cannabis company in Israel - Cann Pharmaceutical Ltd of Israel.

In Australia, our executive leadership, management, board of directors and our advisors consist of proven business, academic and medical leaders with extensive history of achievement in the medicinal cannabis sector, clinical research and biotechnology and successful business development and capital market expertise.

Collectively, our breadth of experience ranges from advanced agribusiness technology, biotechnology, healthcare and the pharmaceutical sectors, plus proven entrepreneurial & business development to initial public offerings and capital market expertise in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, London, New York and Israel.

Board of Directors

Andrew McCrea
Founder/Non-Exec. Chairman (acting)

Andrew has founded and worked in companies in biotechnology, financial services, online travel in New York, Australia and Asia, that yielded a listed company and successful exit opportunities for shareholders. He has also held management positions in New York and London with Citigroup.

Pinhas Tsruya
Exec. Director

Pino is CEO of Cann Pharmaceutical Ltd and is formerly CEO of Assuta, the largest private hospital chain in Israel with eleven clinics and 2,900 employees that provide medical services to one million of patients per year with a total yearly revenue of US$400 million.

David Hercky
Non-Exec. Director

David is Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in the State of Israel, a Member of the Supervisory Board of AGEL (since 2006), a Czech company operating a chain of hospitals in the Czech and Slovak Republics. He is chairman of the Israeli-Czech Chamber of Commerce.