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Intractable Epilepsy

Our initial focus on clinical research is to provide patients suffering from severe forms of epilepsy access to our proprietary phyto-cannabinoid treatment EP1.

EP1 is approved in Israel for the treatment of drug resistant epilepsy. EP1 was part of a two-year clinical trial of 130 patients conducted by the Israeli Ministry of Health that resulted in significant reductions in seizures as well as seizure free patients.

Phase 2a Clinical Trial with 40+ paediatric patients with drug resistant epilepsy at 2 major Australian hospital sites.  Ethics submitted with recruitment to start in early 2019.


Pre-clinical study at Australian university/hospital with animal ethics approved and liquid biopsies of melanoma patients ready. Fast track to human trial in 2019.

Our melanoma clinical studies are aimed at developing a combination treatment for patients that are not responders to check point immune inhibitors such as PD-1/PD-L1. Over 50% of these patients show progression of cancer recurrence. Melanoma has increased in incidence faster than any other cancer type since the mid-1950s. Melanoma is the most common cancer in young Australians (15-39 year olds).


We also have a deep pipeline of additional cannabinoid product candidates which includes adult epilepsy, autism, a number of cancers, pain and neurological conditions caused by damage to the central nervous system and terminal illnesses. Our drug discovery and development process pipeline extends to other cancers where patients are refractory to current therapeutic treatment.

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