What we do

Cann Pharma is market ready in Australia from better's cannabinoid drug portfolio of 16 existing medicinal grade cannabis products recommended by physicians and used by patients in Israel today for a myriad of medical diseases and conditions.

better™ has ten years of licensed experience in Israel and is one of few global 100% organic, chemical free producers of phytocannabinoid products.

We have a pathway for patients to secure access to our market ready and proprietary Cannabidiol (CBD) Enriched Epilepsy treatment EP1 from imports.

EP1 is our lead product for drug resistant epilepsy (DRE) in children, adolescents and adults.

Cann Pharma has a large number of proprietary strains that will be 100% organically cultivated and manufactured in Australia into proven phytocannabinoid pharma-grade drugs and treatments for specific medical conditions.

All of our medicinal cannabis finished products are marketed as "better" branded products.

Other medical conditions we have medicinal cannabis treatments for include: Autism, Central Nervous System Pain, Palliative Care, PTSD and certain Cancers.

Our clinical study pipeline is designed to leverage the ten years of clinical experience of doctors and patients with better™ products.

Cannabinoid Drug Delivery

Currently, our cannabinoid drug delivery includes five different drug administration routes for optimal efficacy with high bioavailability for patients with different needs:

better™ Holdings

Organic growing is better's (and Cann Pharma's) core principle and global point of differentiation.

better holdings' whole owned (100%) subsidiary "better Israel" Is the only large-scale federal government licensed medicinal cannabis cultivator in the world that grows 100% organically. Therefore, the "better brand" stands for medicinal cannabis products of the highest quality and one of a kind.

With over 10 years years of experience producing medical grade cannabis, better has been able to create, refine and standardize a proprietary growing system, from the ground up.

Every aspect of this system was designed and built for high- end industrial cannabis production. The production and processing protocols ensure a stable and efficient growing process and consistent quality throughout.

This experience and expertise ensures an easily scalable growth model, and quality medicinal grade products which are trusted by health care providers and deliver drug efficacy and safety.

better™ Israel (Israeli subsidiary of better™ Holdings) - organic, chemical free, secure facility
better™ Czech (Czech subsidiary of better™ Holdings) - EP1 production and export

We create new cannabinoid medicines and combination therapies from our deep pipeline of clinical studies - that address unmet patient needs.

Together, better™ and Cann Pharma helped shape the medicinal cannabis sector:

  • Proven cannabinoid drug treatments (16 medical conditions)
  • better™ products recommended by physicians today in Israel
  • Used by patients every day - over 12,000
  • Successful clinical trials
  • 100% organic cultivation & GMP product manufacturing
  • Greater than 5 years' experience